Google Reader’s New Sharing Options (Plus a Shared Items Twitter Sharing Tip!)

Google Reader unleashed new sharing options this week, continuing the slow but steady trend of turning the newsreader into a social media platform.

Let’s say I’m reading the Search Engine Watch expert column feed. I now have the option to “Like” the post. Google Reader tracks the number of people doing so and places the tally under the subject line.


If you click on the number of people liking a post, you’ll get a list of those people. Click on a name and you’ll be taken to their Google Profile page. From there, you can connect with that person depending on what they have shared. Users can share their Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed accounts and more.

This is a great way to find followers on Twitter. I’ve started to follow those of you liking SEW posts. And I’m getting return follows as well.

If you want to share your Google Reader shared items with your Twitter followers, I recommend using Just use the RSS feed from your shared items page.

Do you like Google Reader’s new sharing options? Click “Like” to this post in Google Reader if you do.

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