Twitter’s Monetization Plans, Plus Stream Sorting in the Works

It’s one of social media’s favorite topics: How will Twitter make money? This week brings news of two possibilities that many have speculated: Shopping and Corporate Verified Accounts.

Twitter is already like the mall, or at least an airport concourse with companies such as Starbucks, Dell, Dunkin’ Donuts, Jet Blue and Southwest Airlines tweeting away. It’s rumored that Dell has made millions sending out Tweets about deals and sales.

And while companies are increasingly keeping track of their brand in things like Tweets and Facebook updates, wouldn’t it be nice to have technology that could serve up an ad or even the ability to directly purchase from Twitter when someone asks “Should I get one of the new Acer Timelines coming out?” or “Are Keen shoes any good?”

Of course, the reason people are even asking that on Twitter is because they’re not always satisfied with search results. Plus, they’re more likely to trust their network than computer-generated links.

Speaking of which, not everyone in a person’s network is alike. On that note, Twitter plans to give users the ability to sort their streams. You could lump celebrities into one group, co-workers into another and Spymasters into another one (yes, I’m addicted). Twitter application TweetDeck already offers groups so it will be interesting to see if Twitter simply acquires them like it did with Summize, which provided search.

So that’s your (almost) daily dose of Twitter news. What do you think of the monetization and stream sorting plans? Share your thoughts the old fashioned way by leaving a comment below.

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