Top Stories from SES Toronto: Day 2 (Belatedly)

I should have posted the top stores from Day 2 of SES Toronto yesterday, but I have some really lame excuses for why I didn’t get around to posting this until today. Let’s just say I watched the Boston Red Sox beat the New York Yankees last night instead. Mea culpa (but my team won 6-5).

In other news, the top story on Tuesday was clearly the keynote presentation by Emanuel Rosen, author of The Anatomy of Buzz Revisited. After his keynote, I interviewed Rosen, who discussed the lessons learned about Blendtec’s “Will It Blend?” videos which have been viewed close to 77 million times by YouTube users. Rosen said more than 1,000 people asked Blendtec to blend an iPhone, and as a result, they did so — and emailed those people when the video was uploaded to YouTube. It is also worth noting that Blendtec’s sales are up 700 percent.

Emanuel Rosen on generating buzz in the online and offline communities

Another one of the top stories is “Putting the M Back in SEM” by Kevin Newcomb of Search Engine Watch. According to Newcomb, “Just about every session offered the same general advice: stop chasing algorithms and build a site that people will trust; build links that will drive qualified traffic, and the SEO benefits will follow.”

Byron Gordon of SEO-PR interviewed Stacey Jarvis, Search Lead, Consumer & Online, Microsoft Canada about search engine marketing and bing! Jarvis spoke on the Orion Panel: Is PageRank Broken? – The Future of Search. According to Jarvis, more than 60 percent of Canadians are using multiple search engines.

Stacey Jarvis, Microsoft Canada, on search marketing today and bing!

Tyler Calder of the Search Engine People Blog posted “SES Toronto 2009: Canada Specific SEO & PPC Issues.” According to Calder, “Many SEO matters are common around the globe, but Canadian companies face some unique issues.”

Mitch Joel, Twist Image, interviewed Nick Papsiopolis of Yahoo Canada about the state of mobile applications. Papsiopolis said the growth of mobile apps has been phenomenal over the past year.

Nick Papsiopolis, Yahoo Canada, on the adoption of new mobile applications

Evan Carmichael of the Entrepreneur Blog posted “SES Toronto – Day 2 – SEO University.” According to Carmichael, “Just like I did yesterday, today I wanted to share with you some of the highlights from today’s workshops. I again stayed mostly to the Geek Track to get really deep on technical issues and tactics to build more traffic.”

Nick Cox of Semantec Monkey posted “SES Toronto.” According to Cox, “If you’ve never done it, you’d be amazed at the havoc a 3 hour PST to EST timezone change can play with your body clock.”

Patrick Landry of Ressac Media posted “Retour sur Search Engine Strategies Toronto 2009.” According to Landry, “l’industrie du Search garde sa pertinence, un domaine d’innovation et d’avancĂ©e technologique qui ne cessera de me surprendre.”

Finally, if you want to see what the event looked like, check out “SES Toronto – Photos Day 2.” According to Alexandre Bussiere of NVI, “More expert wise words were spoken during a day full of speaker sessions, these and the first day’s all captured here in live blogging form.”

Or, you can also go to the SES Conference Series’ photostream on Flickr. My favorite photo is the crowd at the bing booth at SES Toronto 2009.

SES Toronto 2009 crowd at bing booth.jpg
Crowd at the bing booth at SES Toronto 2009

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