Hitwise Adds to Good News for Bing

We’ve already seen comScore and StatCounter report an auspicious start for Microsoft’s newly launched Bing search engine. Now, Hitwise shares Initial Bing Stats for US and Canada.

According to Heather Dougherty, Hitwise’s director of research:

In the US, Bing ranked 17th among all websites out of over 450,000 websites, up from 5120 the week before the official launch when the website was merely a placeholder. Within the Search Engines category, Bing ranked 4th out of the search engines tracked by Hitwise and Bing Image Search ranked 15th for the week ending June 6, 2009.

In Canada, Bing hit the top 10 among all websites during the first week of launch and captured 1% of all Canadian Internet visits last week. Bing also ranked 3rd last week in terms of the market share of visits within the Search Engines category behind Google Canada and Google.

That’s quite a hot start, though it remains to be seen how long that traffic level can be sustained. It’s driving awareness with its TV ad campaigns, media coverage, and curiosity, but those things won’t keep Bing going at these levels for long. Microsoft needs to offer searchers something that exceeds what they can get from their current search engine — most likely Google — to make them change their behavior.

The surge in traffic is at least worth a short-term look from advertisers. Melissa Mackey took a look at Bing from an advertiser perspective today in “Can Bing Really Bring It for PPC Advertisers?” She says it’s more than just rebranded Live Search, and Microsoft has promised more advertising innovations coming down the line soon.

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