Denver’s Affiliate Convention Is A Free For All: Free Attendance, Free Parties

Affiliate Convention is using an interesting approach to their first conference – being held June 17-20th if you include the social activities – at Denver’s Convention Center. All affiliates get in free with the companies they act as affiliates for picking up the tab.


The idea of the affiliates who bring the traffic to vendors at their own expense and get paid when a conversion happens is a smart one. The event is a give back for all the branding that the affiliates achieve that in many cases does not convert directly to them.

Affiliate Convention will deliver fun and productive networking opportunities, including the first annual affiliate charity golf tournament where attendees will play while enjoying a day of relaxed networking with other affiliates and affiliate managers. Nighttime brings more community events like the opening party sponsored by and WebmasterRadio.FM’s AffiliateBash.

“We’ve been working to build a line-up of speakers and sessions that brings ideas, knowledge and information targeted towards affiliate marketers,” said agenda organizer Jim Hedger, “We also want to create a dynamic and excited crowd for sponsors and exhibitors to meet and network with. We’re coming into the last two weeks before the convention and it looks like we’re going to meet and exceed our goals for the first show.”

It is an impressive list of web who’s who in attendance and I plan on going just for the awesome parties Brandy Babin throws. So see you at the bash.

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