Google Unveils Custom Search Web Element, Previews Wave at Developer Conference

Google is holding its annual developer conference this week and have unveiled a couple of noteworthy projects.

First up is the Custom Search Web Element. This is a tool that generates code which you can then copy and paste on your site. This is a feature of Custom Search, which you can have on your site to assist in on-site searches. The element supports Promotions, which lets you specify information pertaining to a particular search, as well as refinement tabs, which help filter searches.

Next up is Google Wave. The idea behind Wave is the next era of internet communication. The product was designed by brothers Jens and Lars Rasmussen who came to Google via the acquisition of their mapping product Where 2 Tech. A “wave” can be created about a given topic and then people contribute to it with rich formatted text, photos, feeds, and gadgets.

Here’s an image provided by the Official Google blog (click to enlarge):


While impressive, I’m not sure how innovative this is. It appears to basically be a fancy-pants wiki. Wikis definitely need this sort of updating, but there’s nothing that appears to be truly brand new here.

Having said that, the product is only being released as a developer’s preview. The team is still working on Wave for months until it is released for public use.

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