Top Posts and Stories from SES New York Day 2

In case you tuned in late, half of the top posts and stories from Day 2 of SES New York were a continuation of the top story from Day 1: Guy Kawasaki’s opening keynote, “Twitter as a Tool for Social Media.”

Guy Kawasaki gives keynote at SES New York 2009.jpg To catch you up, in case you missed my post, “Ten Top Stories from Day 1 of SES New York. Better yet, read Lisa Barone’s post in Outspoken Media entitled, “Guy Kawasaki: Twitter As a Tool for Social Media.” Here’s a sample that will give you a flavor of the Barone’s point of view: “He thinks Twitter is a tool (I think Guy is a tool).”

Why go straight to Barone’s post? Because it appeared in Sphinn under a new title, “Guy Kawasaki: Twitter As a Tool for Social Media (or Guy Kawasaki is a Twitter Tool?)” This prompted a comment by Danny Sullivan, who asked, “Geez, forget Twitter. Someone explain to me how Alltop gets to run what appears to be hundreds of subdomains for various topics in a fun SEO play with Google giving them a free pass?”

This in turn prompted the post entitled, “Search News: What Can Guy Kawasaki and Danny Sullivan Tell Us About Relevance?” Written By Noah Mallin of Searchviews, the company blog of Reprise Media, it recapped yesterday’s top story and added, “The raging debate in the search salons at the SES New York conference this week…(was) about a hornet’s nest stirred up in the aftermath of Alltop founder Guy Kawasaki’s speech to the assembled legions yesterday….Many of these concerns were shared by Lisa Barone who wrote a wonderfully snarky, yet fair, recap of Kawasaki’s speech for her blog. The fun really started however, when her post made it to Sphinn and attracted a comment from Search Engine Land main man Danny Sullivan. Sullivan asked the broader question of why Google seems to turn a blind eye to link aggregators like Kawasaki’s Alltop when they are much more aggressive in burying other sites that might be considered link spam but which were started by no-names.”

Meanwhile, other stories focused on Kawasaki’s tips. For example, one was entitled, “10 Steps to Terrific Twittering.” Written by Lauren McKay of, it said, “Guy Kawasaki has taken social networking micro-blogging site Twitter to the extreme.”

Now, there were other top posts and stories from Day 2 of SES New York.

One of these stories was the interview of SEO-PR Aaron Lazansky-Oliva of Sohnup Industries by John Mulligan of SEO-PR. Lazansky-Oliva is live-tweeting SES NY 2009. The two discuss social media such as Facebook and Twitter, and run through some of the best practices, tricks, and tips Aaron picked up as a first-timer at Search Engine Strategies and New York local.

Aaron Lazansky-Oliva Twitters and Tapes SES NY 2009

Okay, enough about Twitter. Let’s talk about some of the other social media that were featured at SES New York 2009.

For example, one of the other top stories on Day 2 of SES New York was entitled “Using Social Media For Your Small Business.” Written by Mike Sachoff of WebProNews, it said, “Social media is being used by small businesses to help build their brand and attract loyal customers while on a modest budget. The SES session “Small Voices, Big Impact: Social Media for the Little Guy” focused on ways smaller companies can improve business and increase sales.”

Another one of the top posts was by Mike McDonald of WebProNews Videos, who interviewed im Kendall, the Director of Monetization at Facebook, walks us through Facebook’s advertising system in this video from SES NY.

SES NY: Advertising Based on Factual User Data

Another top post was by Mel Carson of the Microsoft adCenter Blog for Advertisers was entitled, “Day 2 Recap – Search Engine Strategies – New York & Video!” That’s right, in addition to his observations and photos, Carson’s post included a video. How do I describe the video? I can’t. It defies description. You have to see it for yourself.

Video: Day 2 Recap – Search Engine Strategies – New York
Day 2 Recap – Search Engine Strategies – New York & Video!

This brings us to the interactive portion of our coverage. Lee Odden of the TopRank Online Marketing Blog asks that you please take his quick poll about integrating SEO and social media marketing. To participate, click on “Poll: Integrating SEO & Social Media Marketing.”

Jim Hedger and Greg Jarboe at SES New York 2009.jpg Finally, if you want to listen to SES New York, check out the WebmasterRadio.FM coverage of the event. For example, you can listen to “Guy Kawasaki on Twitter during SES New York 2009.” In fact, skip right to their preview of Day 3 at New York 2009.

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