Apple Pie & Custard Shares Recipe for Success at SES London

I’m getting ready to fly over to attend Search Engine Strategies London next week. But before I left Boston, I checked the latest blog buzz and found Apple Pie & Custard’s recipe for success at the must-attend event.

SES%20London%202008%20agenda.jpg What is Apple Pie & Custard? It’s a UK Blog about search engine marketing, social media and pay per click marketing. And I’ve just added the blog to my bookmarks.

Written by more than half a dozen members of the Site Visibility team, the blog has gone above and beyond the call of duty to prepare its readers for next week’s conference and expo, which will be held at the Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, Islington, from Feb. 17 to 20.

Just check out some of the posts from the past few days:

Kelvin Newman posted, “How To Justify The Price Of Your Ticket to SES London 2009 With Just One Question.” According to Kelvin, if you’ve already done the hard work and convinced your boss to buy you a ticket to SES London, then you need to make sure you come back and convince them it was worth the money. And he gives you tips and how to do that.

Gareth posted, “Tête-à-tête with the President of Trellian Europe Maxime Grandchamp.” Gareth interviews the president of Trellian Europe, who is also co-author of an SEO book “le guide de’l optimization” and will be speaking at Search Engine Strategies London next week.

Zac posted, “E-interview with the SEO Don of, Richard Baxter.” This is another great preview of what one of the SES conference speakers plans to tell us.

Nikki Ashley posted, “Beginners guide to SES London.” If you are attending SES London for the first time, read her tips on making the most of the time you spend at the conference.

Zac posted, “Candle Light Email Chats with the Conversion Rate Expert Ben Jesson.” Yet another sneak peak of what one of the Search Engine Strategies conference speakers plans to say, it concludes that conversion rate optimization is the most important opportunity for the majority of web businesses.

Finally, Zac posted, “Electronic Fireside Discussions with Napster Marketing Director Jeff Ferguson.” This is the final in the series of interviews with SES conference speakers.

After reading this, I’m ready for Search Engine Strategies London 2009. I’ve got a good sense of what the top stories will be at the show and who the top newsmakers are that I should interview for the SESConferenceExpo’s Channel on YouTube.

Thanks, Apple Pie & Custard for sharing your secret recipe for success.

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