SocialTwist’s Tell-A-Friend Button Enables Word-of-Mouth and Social Media Marketing

tellafriend1208.jpgIf you want to enable word-of-mouth marketing and social media marketing in the form of bookmarking, then adding SocialTwist’s “Tell a Friend” button is a great way to do it.

The reason I like SocialTwist’s button is because it has a call to action “Tell a Friend.” I know there are others, usually they include the word “Share.” But I think “Tell a Friend” is more specific and concrete.

Plus, users can, in fact, share what they’ve found on social sites Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, FriendFeed, MySpace in addition to sharing via email and IM.

SocialTwist also touts the following features about its button:

  • First brandable and customizable social share button.
  • First button that offers extensive context wiring allowing marketers to pass context of shareable content.
  • Most extensive support for content management system (CMS) and blog platforms; Joomla, Word Press, Moveable Type, Xanga, Expression Engine and Pligg among others.
  • First multi-lingual share button.
  • Lightest and fastest social share button.

One tip, if you want a different code snippet, you need to change your settings under account details. It feels like you should be able to access it under the “Widget Code” page, but you have to make the choice under Account Details first.

What do you think of SocialTwist’s Tell a Friend button? Let us know in the comments. Oh, and use the button below to tell a friend about this post!

SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

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