Yahoo! Finance is Market Leader in Business Information Sites

One of our readers, Marc Jones, asked me to update a blog post that I wrote back on March 19, 2007, entitled, “Yahoo! Finance Market Share 52 times Bigger than Google Finance.” Well, ’tis the season.

So, Marc, here’s an update from Matt Tatham of Hitwise:

Business Information Sites Nov-08
Rank Website Domain Market Share
1 Yahoo! Finance 29.63%
2 MSN Money 10.24%
3 CNN Money 9.02%
4 Bloomberg 3.81%
5 Market Watch 3.44%
6 Reuters 3.11%
7 Internal Revenue Service 2.32%
8 Google Finance 2.31%
9 The Wall Street Journal 2.29%
10 2.26%

yahoo_finance_logo.jpg So, Yahoo! Finance is the leader of the pack — by almost a three-to-one margin over MSN Money, which is in second place. But Yahoo! Finance is no longer 52 times bigger than Google Finance. Today, it is “merely” 12.8 times bigger.

Okay, that’s still a “humongous” lead. (Humongous is a term that we bloggers use to mean extremely huge. We don’t get to use it that often when talking about someone who competes with Google. But, we are talking about Google Finance and not Google.)

So, let me thank Marc for asking the question and thank Matt for answering it. And for all of you who are watching your 401K plans become 201K plans, may I suggest that you visit some of the top business information sites to see if one provides you with better insights than the others. And let me know what you find.

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