Google Translate Goes Live with Human Translators

Google Translate is going live. The world’s most comprehensive set of translation technologies will now be aided by human beings translating documents upon request.

Google employees won’t be in the business of translating documents. Rather, Google will offer volunteer and professional translators the opportunity to use Google tools and technologies to translate. In previous columns, we’ve discussed the need for localization in translation. It looks as if Google will take the lead on using local translators to aid machine translation.

Google Translation Center will enable users to upload a document, choose a translation language, and select from Google’s registry of professional and volunteer translators. If a translator accepts, users will receive the translated content back as soon as it’s ready.

The potential for use by SEOs and Internet marketing managers is huge. The service may offer affordable ways to translate not only URLs but entire Web sites.

Google’s translation search feature matches a current translation with previous translations, so it won’t be necessary to translate a document more than once.
In short, Google could create the world’s largest repository of completed homework assignments for students taking a foreign language.

We’ll keep you posted as Google’s human-assisted translation service officially launches.

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