Add Value to Twitter Tweets

There’s some value to Twitter “tweets” after all. If you carefully assemble sources, then more useful and search-friendly content is bound to emerge.

Newstex has already started to bundle tweets this way. It’s a natural progression for the company, which distributes real-time news feeds, commentary and blogs to corporate and financial users.

During the past few years, Newstex identified and signed up 4,000+ blogs and redistributed them to publishers such as Lexis-Nexis. With the twittering explosion, Newstex President Larry Schwartz wanted to deliver the added information coming from live tweets too.

I had a chance to catch up with Schwartz, to see if there’s demand for their Newstwits. Among the bloggers they represent, the response has been very positive: “We first approached our existing blog network and asked if they would be interested in participating, and several hundred immediately signed up to part of the feed.”

“Since the announcement, we have strong interest and several of our existing blog clients are adding the Newstwits product. We quickly learned syndicating individual ‘tweets’ was less valuable to our clients than packing 30 minutes of ‘tweets’ into one news story/blog post.”

All these bundled tweets can be made searchable by their clients, who are all online publishers. Newstex delivers them every half-hour, and publishers integrate them like any other real-time feed. When the bundles appear on web pages, there’s more silo-content available for site search or web search.

There’s a lesson or two here, as Twitter continues to grow. With some elbow grease, good content can be mined from tweets from the right or relevant sources. Perhaps bundling will become another way to build content that attracts traffic. It’s interesting to consider how these mini-posts can be added to publisher arsenals.

Today Schwartz remains realistic about acceptance rates, among his corporate and financial users. “When we mention Twitter, they look at us like we contracted some strange disease — and one Wall Street person asked if Twitter was a speech problem. We have a long way to go, but it only took us three years for blogs to go mainstream. Hopefully, Twitter will be quicker.”

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