Krugle Announces Deal with IBM

Code Search Engine Krugle continues to rock and roll. Their latest announcement is a deal that will IBM. Under the terms of this deal, IBM will incorporate Krugle search within IBM’s developerWorks site. In addition, the IBM code has notw been incorporated into the Krugle index.

Both of these are significant, but I believe that the visibility on the developerWorks site is the more important development. This includes a statement with the search results as follows: “Code results provided by Krugle”. This provides exposure to IBM’s developer community incorporates 2.5M developers, out of a worldwide community of about 14M.

There are plans for IBM to begin to use the Krugle appliance in the near future. According to Laura Merling, Krugle’s VP of marketing, down the road IBM and Krugle are in discussion of how to integrate Krugle into more of IBM’s products.

Ultimately, the two most important points about this deal are:

  1. The endorsement by IBM. IBM takes all the product evaluations it does very seriously. This is a very significant accomplishment for Krugle.
  2. Expanded reach into the world of enterprise developers. Given that the core revenue model of Krugle is the sale of the Krugle appliance into the enterprise, this exposure is a big win.

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