Women Execs Have Better Online Presence

An online career survey indicates female executives at the VP and C-levels have a considerably better career presence online than male executives at the same level.

Results from the Career Distinction Online Identity Calculator showed that female, VP-level executives had an average score of 6.26 out of a possible 10, compared to 5.86 for their male counterparts. At the C-level, the female scores were slightly higher: 6.59 compared to 6.33.

The results of the survey were based on input from over 2,500 executives. The entire sample included over 25,000 professionals at all levels.

Users Google themselves, then answer the survey questions, and the Online ID system calculates the score. The score is based on both the volume of results about the user and the relevance of those results. Although the volume of results for women was significantly lower than for their male counterparts, the relevance of their online IDs was much higher.

There is of course more to reputation management than looking at the first 30 Google results, but it’s a good place to start for anyone that hasn’t taken a good look at their online presence.

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