Yahoo’s New Mission

In the wake of Yahoo’s recent reorganization, Jeff Weiner, EVP of Yahoo’s Network Division, has introduced a new mission statement that he says will help tie things together: “To connect people to their passions, communities, and the world’s knowledge.”

“In this statement, we not only define our sense of purpose as a company, but also a strategic framework for the Network Division as well,” writes Weiner.

The newly created Yahoo Network Division houses most of Yahoo’s consumer-facing products, like Web Search and Answers; Yahoo Groups, Flickr and Bix; Yahoo Mail and Messenger; and its media and portal properties, including the Yahoo home page and My Yahoo.

He breaks down the statement into its parts:

“To connect people…” – “When we talk about connecting people we are specifically talking about connecting our consumers to their most essential needs, connecting our advertisers and publishers to their most valuable consumers, and connecting the dots internally to create far greater efficiencies and fully leverage the company’s strengths.”

“…to their passions…” – “In other words, we want to connect the right user to the right content at the right time. If we get this right, the implications are considerable. Consider that the one-size-fits-all content featured on most web sites clicks at only a fraction of the top algorithmic results in web search. Why? Because we know exactly what you are looking for when you do a query. However, for the most part we can only do our best to anticipate what you want when you are browsing your favorite property. The goal is to close that gap, and ultimately make your content browsing experience as fundamentally relevant as your web search experience.”

“…their communities…” – “when we talk about connecting people to their communities, strategically we are talking about creating better user experiences not simply by knowing what you want, but also by leveraging who you know.”

“…and the world’s knowledge.” – “we want to leverage our assets to build the most relevant, comprehensive, dynamic, and open repository of knowledge and content on the Web.”

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