It appears that fresh speculation has emerged about whether or not Google will launch a vertical search capability focused on travel. This is another one of those vertical spaces where there is a lot of money.

The speculation initially began about a year ago, and seemed to die down for a while. The name people have been giving this concept is “Troogle”. According to the above referenced article at, there are those that estimate that 70% of all travel searches originate at Google already. So as the T2 Impact Blog points, out, Google is already in the travel space.

However, there are such huge dollars in the space, that it may well make sense for Google to focus on this space and protect its already impressive market share, by providing more and more value added services for travel related searches. As a public company, their stock price is based on growth projections, and over time, these expectations will get harder and harder to meet.

But so far, Google is denying any plans to do anything beyond what they have already in the travel space.

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