Search Headlines & Links: Mar. 26, 2007

Want a snapshot of the day’s search marketing news? Here we’ve collected today’s top news stories posted to the Search Engine Watch Blog, along with search-related headlines from around the Web:

From the SEW Blog:

  • What Makes Us Search Online To Buy Offline?
    According to a recent National Retail Federation study, a whopping 93% of offline shoppers spend time online first, including 35% who regularly research and another 58% who occasionally research online before buying in person.
  • TV Guide Joins the Video Search Race
    TV Guide will launch a test version next month of an online video search tool that allows viewers to find clips and full episodes of TV shows now being posted on the Web.
  • Kinetic Results Now Dexterity Media
    Dallas-based search and social media marketing firm Kinetic Results has rebranded itself as Dexterity Media, and founding partner Kevin Ryan has left the company.
  • Bryan Eisenberg Talks about Persuasion Architecture
    Bryan, and his brother Jeffrey, are the leading proponents of “Persuasion Architecture,” the notion that you need to model and understand your customers in order to persuade them to buy what you are selling.
  • Google Finds Less is More
    Google is finding that out in respect to the number of ads it shows on certain search results pages. This kind of thinking is not new to search engines.
  • Yahoo Directory Links Gone from Search Results
    Yahoo has removed the “category” links, derived from the Yahoo Directory, from its previous position in its search results.
  • Idearc Launches TV Campaign
    The local search space is heating up, and now one player is moving the fight to TV.
  • Is Google Planning to Expand in Beantown?
    It looks like Google’s shopping around for space in Boston or nearby Cambridge.

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