Yahoo Outlines Keys to PPC Success: Test, Test, Test

On the Yahoo Search Marketing blog, Michael Egan, senior director of content solutions, gives a run-down of the ad testing features available in Panama, and suggests that ad testing is a “must do.”

In his post, His post, “Improving Ad Quality, Part II,” Egan writes:

It’s hard to argue that Tiger Woods is pretty darn good at what he does. But even he is not perfect. Imagine if he were allowed to hit four balls each time and then choose the shot that worked the best. Scary good.

We’re giving you that opportunity with our new ad testing feature In concept, it’s like giving Tiger multiple shots from which to choose the best lie. Ad Testing is a “must do” if you are really trying to improve the quality of your ads.

Ad testing will work with as few as two ads in an ad group, or as many as 20. Without ad optimization, multiple ads are rotated relatively evenly. Once ad optimization is turned on, the system begins to learn which ad performs better, based on click-through-rate (CTR) normalized by position across all keywords in an ad group, and will begin to show that ad more frequently.

Egan suggests a testing strategy that takes into account four main factors:

  • Differentiate yourself — Talk about the 3 C’s: Customer, Competition and Company
  • Focus — Don’t try to test everything at once. Concentrate on specific characteristics of your ads and test those characteristics.
  • Iterate — Don’t treat ad testing as a one-time effort.
  • Isolate — There are likely a small handful of keywords that drive a majority of the value you achieve from your search marketing efforts.

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