Yahoo UK Announces New Content Match Products

Yahoo UK announced today that it will be adding to the areas where and the methods how content ads will be served. The push of run of network placement is interesting.

The marketing newsletter is below.

New Content Match Products

As part of the Content Match product suite, Yahoo! Search Marketing is introducing new Content Match™ products for advertisers who are seeking traffic that leads to a higher number of conversions. You can now target a broad spectrum of online content across the Yahoo! Premium Partner network with certain keywords.

With our Premium Run of Network product, you can target a broad spectrum of online content including local news, global events and human interest stories across the Yahoo! Premium Partner network with a single keyword. Advertisers who opt into Premium Run of Network will have their listings displayed on the Premium Network only.

Our Premium Category product allows you to receive category based distribution for your Content Match ads. Premium Content Match category keywords can help you better manage your ad distribution—enabling you to target specific audiences and vertical content categories with a single keyword. For example, you can bid on a single travel category keyword to receive distribution across typically higher converting sites within the travel content category

Seasonal Content Match will distribute seasonally targeted ads on the entire Yahoo! Content Match Partner Network. Increase your website’s traffic volume by simply opting into Seasonal Run of Network and bidding on a single seasonal keyword. The top seasonal listings will be shown and users who click on the listings will be taken to your landing page highlighting your seasonal products and services

For further information on our new Content Match products, please contact your Yahoo! Search Marketing Account Manager.

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