Moving Forward with Search Engine Watch

Hello, everyone.

For the past five years or so, I’ve had the very great honor of moderating dozens and dozens of sessions at Search Engine Strategies conferences in cities around the world. In that respect, I’ve come to know search, and the search community, much more deeply than I ever would have in my role overseeing The ClickZ Network. ClickZ covers search to be sure, but also interactive marketing’s many other aspects.

Over those years, I’ve also had the privilege of working with Chris Sherman and Danny Sullivan. Both are respected colleagues as well as friends. I’ll miss them. Search Engine Strategies, while part of The ClickZ Network, always functioned quite autonomously under Danny’s supervision. Our sites have enjoyed a very collegial, if separate, existence.

Now, things have changed. Danny and Chris have moved on to a new venture in which I wish them the very best of luck and good fortune. It’s a very daunting honor to be charged with the future of Search Engine Watch — Danny’s not-so-little baby — as editor-in-chief. It’s a change fraught with emotion and sentiment; for many of you readers, as well as for Elisabeth Osmeloski (who’s remaining with the site) and I. It’s a situation reminiscent of (but in many ways, even weirder than) taking over the stewardship of ClickZ was six years ago, when that site’s founders moved on.

Today, ClickZ is thriving. I’m confident Search Engine Watch will, too, due in no small part to its legions of devoted and intensely engaged readers. My role here is to shape the editorial direction of the site going forward, mostly from behind the scenes. I have no plans to become a SEW byline. I’m no slouch when it comes to search, but I also know enough about search to recognize that others know far more about it than do I.

Presently, Elisabeth and I are relying on the SEW community for feedback, suggestions, ideas and proposals. We’re looking for new contributors. We want to help this great source of news, information, opinion and community grow, and perhaps become even better.

So please weigh in and let us know what you want and need from SEW. You can shoot us an e-mail at NewEra [at], or if you happen to be at SES Chicago this week, collar either one of us — we’re very much around.

Looking forward to working with all of you,

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