Search Headlines & Links: Nov. 30, 2006

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with other items we’ve spotted but not blogged separately:

From The SEW Blog…

  • November
    2006 Search News Recap Posted

    The latest edition of my monthly Search Engine Report newsletter is now
    online, recapping top stories in search from the past month. You can read it
    online or receive it via email for free by signing up here. If you’re a Search
    Engine Watch member, the latest edition of Search Engine Update newsletter has
    also been posted. That newsletter carries more items than the Search Engine
    Report newsletter and goes out twice per month….
  • Google
    Ordered By Another North Carolina Court To Remove Pages

    Apparently, North Carolina is going to start a trend of people who get court
    orders to remove material Google has spidered when left out in public view.
    This week, Google was ordered to remove material by a court in that state. It
    follows a similar court order in a different case earlier this year….
  • End of
    an Era… Beginning of a New Chapter

    Today marks Danny Sullivan’s last day at Search Engine Watch, 10 years after
    beginning the industry’s leading publication for search engine news. Danny’s
    undeniable passion, knowledge, and dedication to the growth of the search
    engine industry is well engrained within the archives of Search Engine Watch,
    and will carry on long after his departure….
  • How The
    Digg Editorial Process Differs From Search Engine Editorial Process

    Todd Malicoat has a write up called The Search Marketer’s Guide to Digg, where
    he explains the difference between the editorial process and search
    engines editorial process. It all comes down to the “human editorial
    authority,” and I quote; While most the search engines DO have human
    intervention – they haven’t accepted and embraced it. One of the beauties of
    digg is if there is CRAP in the index – you know exactly who to blame for it.
    As always, both human and algorithmic methods of intervention have their
    faults. I am sure Danny will go into a…
  • Yahoo
    Turns Down Google’s Request For Information On Book Search

    The NY Times reports that Yahoo has recently rejected Google’s subpoena for
    help with the Google Book Search project legal woes. Reportedly, Yahoo turned
    down Google’s request for similar reasons mentioned by Amazon when they turned
    down the same request. If you are interested, I have posted the full court
    filing at my server as a PDF download….

  • Microsoft On How To Let MSNBot In, Keep Bad Bots Out

    The Live Search Blog described how you can verify if the MSNBot you see
    crawling your site, is truly the MSNBot from Microsoft or some rogue spider
    trying to steal your content. Microsoft has added a way to look up the reverse
    DNS information for the IP of the bot and described what you should see, to
    ensure that it is the official MSNBot, if it is not, then you may want to
    block it or report it to Microsoft. A step by step guide is at the Live Search
    Blog. What about Googlebot? We covered that here….
  • Goodbye
    Search Engine Watch & Best Wishes!

    Today is my last day with Search Engine Watch, with me heading to my new digs
    at Search Engine Land tomorrow. I wanted to wish Search Engine Watch all the
    best going forward, plus help readers understand some of the changes that are
    happening. To do that best, I thought I’d go all the way back to the
    beginning, to the birth of Search Engine Watch….

  • Optimizing Search for the Visually Impaired

    Those of us with good eyesight often don’t give much thought to the challenges
    visually impaired users face in reading, much less searching for, content on
    the web. However, there are some straightforward techniques that can improve
    usability for these users. And Google has developed an accessible search
    interface that also helps vision-impaired users. More on the merits and
    importance of accessibility in today’s SearchDay article, Making Search
    Accessible to Visually Impaired Users….

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