Search Headlines & Links: October 30, 2006

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From The SEW Blog…

  • Google Reader Bug Swatting
    Quick post from the Official Google Reader Blog – they’ve swatted some bugs in the product. On the most part, these are those small, but very irritating bugs that make a utility less enjoyable to use. It’s a real miscellany as you’d expect, but includes things such as searching for feeds using keywords now works in Opera, the scrolling position is now always reset when moving between feeds or folders. The “none” color scheme for publisher clips now works, keyboard shortcuts in Internet Explorer should continue to work after using “gt” or “gu” (the tag and subscription selectors) and so…
  • Buying Keywords As Trademark Use?
    The London Free Press is reporting on a case in a New York Federal District Court, Rescuecom v. Google, in which the Judge granted a motion to dismiss on Google’s behalf. The case involved the use of trademarked terms as keywords, finding that keyword advertising isn’t a use in commerce. But, don’t go looking to this ruling for any insights when it comes to the use of trademarked keywords in adwords. There are at least three reasons not to……
  • Google’s Page or Brin Purchase NY City Apartment For $30 Million?
    The New York Metro suggests that either Larry Page or Sergey Brin, they are not sure which one, have purchased an apartment in 15 Central Park West, Manhattan, for about $30 million. The broker of the apartment is Corcoran’s Patricia Warburg Cliff, who declined to comment. The NYC “apartment has 5,500 square feet, five bedrooms, and a terrace.”…
  • Yahoo To Buy AOL? Sell To Microsoft? Merge With eBay? Or Keep Status Quo?
    Fortune reports that rumors are spreading that Yahoo is in talks with Time Warner about buying AOL. The article says, “FORTUNE has learned from multiple sources that Yahoo recently approached Time Warner about buying America Online.” That rumor was shot down by Time Warner explaining “that there are no active conversations between the two companies.” So the article then goes into what-if scenarios. What if Yahoo did buy AOL? What if Yahoo sold out to Microsoft? What if eBay and Yahoo merged? And what if Yahoo kept with the status quo?…
  • Google Base 2.0 Revealed?
    Garett Rogers found in Google’s robots.txt file, “Disallow: /base/s2” and then gave the URL a try and found a potential Google Base version 2.0. When I tried example searches at the /s2 directory, they were being redirected to the main Google Base, such as ice cream maker search, which now redirects to the main Google base. Both Garett and Philipp Lenssen have screen captures of what it looks like….
  • Google Interview With Shashi Seth On Custom Search Engine Product
    Eric Enge of Stone Temple Consulting posted an Interview of Google’s Shashi Seth. Shashi Seth is Product Lead of Search and was directly responsible for the Custom Search Engine. Eric asked Shashi questions about the new product and Google Co-op platform….
  • Google Appeals Federal Judge’s Orkut Ruling
    The International Herald Tribune reports that Google has appealed a federal judge’s order to hand over the IP address information to Brazilian authorities. Google claims the “federal civil court did not have the proper authority” for such information. But Google spokesperson, Debbie Frost said Google will help Brazilian authorities identify individuals accused of illegal activities on Google’s social networking platform, Orkut. This history goes way back, just start from here and keep clicking those links back to the previous stories. This amazes me that it is still going on since early this year….
  • Judge To Rule By End Of Year On Kinderstart Case
    Reuters reports that Judge Jeremy Fogel said he will take until the end of this year to rule on the Kinderstart case. The case was about how Kinderstart’s ranking and PageRank fell and Kinderstart sued Google on numerous counts for the ranking drop. The judge recently said, “Assuming Google is saying that KinderStart’s Web site isn’t worth seeing. Why can’t they say that? That’s my question.” So he will consider this and other questions in his ruling….
  • Google Testing Newspaper Print Ads Again
    PPC Discussions documents receiving an email from Google this weekend about participating in a Google print publication ad test….
  • Google “In Bed” With The CIA?
    Threadwatch spots a disgrunt article named Former Intelligence Agent Says Google In Bed With CIA. Robert David Steele, a former CIA agent, “confirmed from his contacts within the CIA and Google that Google was working in tandem with “the agency.” Steele said, “I think that Google has made a very important strategic mistake in dealing with the secret elements of the U.S. government – that is a huge mistake and I’m hoping they’ll work their way out of it and basically cut that relationship off.” Scary, very scary….
  • Press Releases: Legitimate SEO Tools or Manipulative Spam?
    The first press release was issued 100 years ago, and today there’s a spirited debate raging about the value or legitimacy of press releases in a search marketing campaign. In today’s SearchDay article, The 100th Birthday of the Press Release, guest writer Greg Jarboe offers a brief history of the press release and frames the debate over using press releases in online marketing campaigns….
  • Mazda ‘Craves’ Clicks From Honda
    Pontiac had a much celebrated TV ad in which the viewer was invited to “Google” its then-new Solstice convertible, but an ad for Mazda came up among the sponsored links. Here’s Danny’s earlier post on that episode. Now Mazda is at it again with its new CX-7….

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