Google Testing Newspaper Print Ads Again

PPC Discussions documents receiving an email from Google this weekend about participating in a Google print publication ad test.

The email read;

We’d like to invite you to participate in a free test that Google is performing with a limited group of our current advertisers. As part of this test, we’ll convert your existing (Market Segment Removed) related online ad to a print ad and place it in a newspaper. By participating, you’ll be helping us test an extension of our AdWords program while gaining free exposure for your business.

Your ads may appear in daily newspapers in one or more U.S. cities over the next few months. Google will select the newspapers and corresponding sections for ad placement but cannot guarantee that your ad will run.

Should you sign up to participate in the test and wish to submit your own ad, logo, or graphics, we’ll provide you with additional instructions by email.

We’re excited about the prospect of your participation in this test and welcome any feedback or questions you may have.


The Google AdWords Team

This is not the first time Google ran print ad tests. Reportedly, the offline print ad experiment was a disappointment and deemed unsuccessful.

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