See Ads? Now You Don’t! Google AdWords Rotating Out Top Sponsored Links

Google is now displaying or not displaying the top sponsored links (with the blue background) based on searcher behavior. What I mean is that if you, as an individual, tend not to click on ads, Google will drop off the top ads from the page and place them on the right side. I discovered this in the morning, and I have a quote from a WebmasterWorld member in my post named Google Testing Removing Top Blue Ads Based on User Behavior, which says that Google is in fact testing this. I personally tested it myself and noticed that if I refresh my search results over and over again (about ten times) the top ads disappear.

Postscript: Google has given a statement to ClickZ confirming this to be true.

Google confirmed Friday it is indeed tinkering its premium AdWords positioning based on user clicks – or the lack thereof. Explained Google Spokesperson Michael Mayzel, “In this instance, we are exploring changes to the way we promote ads to the top of the search page. This is designed to further ensure that users will find ads only when they’re most useful and advertisers will receive the most qualified leads. With this improvement, users may see more prominent ads if they are currently showing interest in ads and less prominent ads otherwise.”

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