Yahoo Adds More Social Features To Local

Yahoo has been rolling out its “FUSE” (find, use, share, extend) strategy across its many properties and has just made its popular Yahoo Local site more personal and simultaneously more “social.” A number of new features have been integrated into the site that allow people to create customized profiles and lists of local favorites but also to tag and share those favorites for discovery by the larger user community.

Users may quickly create lists called “collections.” They can be any group of “bests,” “worsts” or any other list (e.g., best places to eat with kids, etc.). Essentially it’s a personalized local directory of content that may remain private or be shared with the entire community.

Yahoo permits users to upload photos directly to Local now as part of collections. Yahoo Local users can also save others’ picks with one click to their collections (like MyWeb or Yahoo TripPlanner). A new Local “dashboard” widget allows registered users to view their profile and collections, reviews, recent searches and also makes recommendations.

The functionality adds a new dynamic layer and more depth and richness to the Local experience. Previously there were ratings and reviews but now there’s the opportunity to discover local favorites and other valuable community generated content. The new features will also likely create more engagement with the site.

Yahoo has been a leader in local and with the new functionality continues to make its Local property more practical and useful.

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