Google Apps for Your Domain Live

Google announced the official launch of Google Apps for Your Domain. Everyone is talking about how this is an enterprise solution because it allows companies use Google products, currently Gmail, Calendar, Page Creator and Talk on their own domain. You can expect many of Google’s other products to be rolled into this service, including Google Analytics, Google Notebook, Google Spreadsheets and others.

Let’s step back, on February 10th Google launched a beta program named Gmail for Domains, they initially got some universities to sign up and then some small business also signed up (from what I hear).

Do you think IBM, Oracle, Pitney Bowes or other Fortune 500 would switch over? Is it Google’s hope that they would consider it? Google seems like they will be offering a premium version of this service, but they don’t have one at this time. Would I sign up my company on this program? Honestly, I highly doubt it. Why? Privacy, configurability, security, expandability and something doesn’t sit right with moving my email or calendaring systems over to a free service – I need to pay someone in order to have someone to be held accountable.

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Postscript From Danny: Information Week has a long story on the program here, and there’s lots of coverage from elsewhere you’ll find on Techmeme here.

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