Brazil To Close Google Brazil’s Offices Over Orkut Issues?

A post in our SEW Forums and a report from Xinhau says that Brazil’s federal prosecution service is moving to close Google’s operations in Brazil. So far, there is no other news about this that we’ve seen. An injunction is apparently being requested ordering the release of information from Orkut, with a threat for closure of Google’s Sao Paulo office if they don’t comply.

Postscript From Danny: Reuters has a story up now here: Google refuses to hand over data to Brazilian authorities. It covers that prosecutors want permission to file a civil lawsuit against Google, with a $61 million fine and the threat of closure if it fails to comply with the information request.

Postscript From Barry: For an historical line up of these events over time, see the links below:

– Aug. 16, 2006 :: Orkut Causing Trouble In Brazil Again
– Jul. 21, 2005 :: Drug Pushers Using Orkut Arrested In Brazil
– May. 25, 2006 :: Google Works With Brazil To Shut Down Orkut Communities
– May. 18, 2006 :: Google Faces Criminal Charges For Child Porn & Racial Material
– May. 3, 2006 :: Google & Brazil Fight Over Orkut User Data Rights
– Mar. 10, 2006 :: Brazil Asks Google To Help Orkut To Stop Organizing Organized Crime
– Mar. 9, 2006 :: Al-Qaeda Likes Orkut

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