Google Jet Plane Security Threat? And Testing A Sofa In Mountain View

Josh Gerstein at the New York sun has an update on the suit over Google Jet disclosure. Basically, Google’s founders argue that the information given up by aircraft designer can be could put the lives of those on the plane in danger. Google asked for a court order to keep the designer quiet. Well, the judge declined to hear or rule on the case – go figure. Read more about it from Danny’s earlier post.

Postscript From Danny: The security concerns voiced in the case made me wonder out details getting out about Google Force One compare to Air Force One. Was there an Air Force One floorplan I could easily find? A search on Google quickly led me to this one from How Stuff Works. However, it turns out that this might not be entirely accurate and there are some areas of Air Force One, which often carries many guests and reporters, that people are never allowed to go. That means to protect the privacy of Google “party plane,” as it has been described, those going aboard might have to face NDAs and restrictions on photos, to be as secure as suggested is needed in the lawsuit.

Meanwhile, the San Francisco Chronicle recently came across very detailed floorplans left out on a public Air Force web site. The article details how certain details could allow someone trying to blow up the plant to know key vulnerabilities. The Guardian also had an article complete with a less detailed floorplan here (PDF file). FYI, some have suggested what was revealed wasn’t that sensitive. The actual document has been removed, but part of it were found and replicated in other areas. Meanwhile, the cached version (which isn’t showing floorplans but does have other data) remains in Google three months after being taken off the web (I’ve dropped them a note about this).

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