Google Results Suffering After “Big Daddy” Update?

The Register reports that Google is “choking on web spam” ever since the roll out of The Big Daddy Infrastructure. The article highlights a mention from Google CEO Eric Schmidt from last month talking about Google having a storage “crisis.” From that New York Times article:

Referring to the sheer volume of Web site information, video and e-mail that Google’s servers hold, Schmidt said: “Those machines are full. We have a huge machine crisis.”

This week, problems have gotten worse, webmasters all over the forums are reporting sever issues with pages dropping in and out of the index, pages not being crawled, old cached pages, dead (404) pages being returned by Google and outright irrelevant results. This morning I posted at the Search Engine Roundtable have a nice roundup of forum threads that are discussing the most recent Google issues with indexing pages. We have been tracking Big Daddy issues for too long here, for our last report at SEW see here.

Want to comment or discuss? Visit our thread named BigDaddy, Missing Pages In Google & Is The Big G Out Of Space at our SEW Forums.

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