Check out Cool Bird’s Eye Imagery from Windows Live Local on Bird’s Eye Tourist

You’ve likely seen sites that allow people to share cool places and things found using the satellite and aerial imagery from Google Maps/Google Local. Google Sightseeing is an example.

However, what about a site where cool “bird’s eye” imagery of places and things found using Windows Live Local could be shared? The answer is yes, such a site exists. Check out the new Bird’s Eye Tourist and see what others have spotted and share what you find.

Bird’s Eye Tourist is searchable but you can also browse by location and categories. Now you know what I’ll be doing this weekend. (-:

For example, the California collection presently offers views of surfers in Malibu, the home used in Psycho, sea lions on Pier 39, and a few celebrity homes.

I’ve asked Microsoft via e-mail if any new bird’s eye imagery for specific cities or areas has been added to Windows Live Local since it launched a few months ago. When I here back I’ll postscript this entry.

For more on Windows Live Local check out this post where we list the cities where bird’s eye imagery is available. Overhead aerial and satellite imagery available for many more areas.

Postscript: What many people don’t realize is that Live Local also has 15 meter satellite imagery (not Bird’s Eye) for most of the world included in its database. It’s discussed in this post. You can also read this press release from Harris, the providers of the content.

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