TailRank: A Social News Recommendation and Filtering System Gets a New Look

Scoble points out that Tailrank a service that, “finds the best content from thousands of blogs” (think digg or Memeorandum) that provides a “custom ranking specific to the user” (think Findory) has a new look and design.

TailRank also offers a mobile version (cool!) an API and is searchable. Registered members (free) can also import blog subscriptions to build a personalized reading list. Findory’s personalized reader which was released last September also allows you to import your blog subscriptions.

The TailRank home page has a feature-filled left column that allows you to focus the page by time (1 hour, 2, hours, etc.), view “hot” tags, and find links to “hot” posts.

Registration (not required unless you want more personalized results) is simple and fast. Once registered you can add tags to items you read via the service and are also given additional tools to narrow your results page. You an also add your comments to any entry.

Although the TailRank home page mentions it finds material from blogs I also quickly spotted material from mainstream news sites like MSNBC and ABC News. I also found press releases like this one from the Nikon UK site and pages from company web sites.

Finally, most TailRank entries includes an image of the page, a permalink link, a text snippet, and and a number with the total amount of inbound links to it. Clicking the “inbound link” link shows you where the links are coming from.

TailRank comes from San Francisco and is lead by Kevin Burton, a co-founder of NewsMonster and Rojo.

I’m looking forward to spending more time with the service, especially its mobile version which might be great for quick pop-ins to see what’s happening in areas I’m interested in. More later.

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