Click Defense Out, AIT In as Lead Plaintiff in Click Fraud Case Against Google

At the end of June we posted a story (with several links) about a click fraud case filed by Click Defense against Google, we even have a copy of the complaint. Almost six months to the day later, the Reuters story, Google click fraud plaintiff gets ‘cold feet’ reports that Click Defense was “seeking to withdraw” as lead plaintiff in the case so they can focus on their Ft. Collins, Colorado based business.

The article goes on to say that the company, even though it doesn’t want to be lead plaintiff, still wants to be part of the case.

“We are only withdrawing as a representative plaintiff,” Click Defense Chief Executive Scott Boyenger said in a statement, adding that the company was doing so in order to focus on its business as a provider of technology used to detect “click fraud” in online-advertising campaigns.

Last week, AIT, an internet service provider has taken over as lead plaintiff. Their company web site is full of links to report click fraud. One link reads, “Click Fraud is Evil. Report Click Fraud Here.”

“(Click Defense) started down the road and got cold feet, and we are jumping in their stead,” Jay O’Dell, a sales executive at AIT, told Reuters by phone.

A hearing to certify the case is currently set for May, 2006.

The Fayetteville(NC) Observer has more on the case in the story, AIT sues Google. Fayetteville is where AIT is based.

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