All About Microsoft’s Fremont: Product Manager Interviewed

About 10 days ago, the web was buzzing with news of Microsoft’s classified ad service code named Fremont. Zachary Rodgers from Clickz, sat done with Garry Wiseman, the product manager of this yet to be publicly released service for a Q&A interview.

Here’s one exchange from the interview, the one that many have been asking, about Fremont being Microsoft’s version of Google Base.

From the interview:

Q. Fremont is perhaps inevitably being called an answer to Google Base. Is that what it is?

A. We’re really flattered. The fact that people think we could put together an enterprise scaling classified service in two weeks? I’d love to say we did. And my developers’ egos are going to be even more inflated. We had no idea about Google Base. We were as surprised as anybody. We had no inside information.

Almost immediately Danny was aware of why a comparison between the two services wasn’t a good idea. See his post: More On Microsoft Classifieds Service — And Why Comparing To Google Base Doesn’t Make Sense.

FFAF (Fast Facts about Fremont)
+ Concept for Fremont came after Wiseman came to work at after moving from UK. He learned about an internal database of classified listings (you name it, it’s listed) only available to MS employees, it handles about 5,000 or 6,000 active listings.
+ UI is a major concern in development. Wiseman says, “I’ve spent a lot of time to make sure you can list an item in less than a minute. We wanted to make the barrier to listings as low as possible. I always use my mom as the example.”
So many people use their mom as an example, me too!
+ Service also includes use of AJAX and RSS feeds.
+ Launch date? Being very vague. None given.
+ Monetized by ads.
+ International versions of Fremont will also be rolled out.

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