Melissa Data’s Hearty Buffet Of Lookup Databases Grows Larger, More Useful

Back in 2003, my SearchDay article
A Hearty
Buffet of Look-Up Databases
looked at the many free online databases that
Melissa Data, a
mailing list company, made available. Nearly three years later, that "hearty
buffet" of databases has grown even larger. It’s now home to more than 30
databases and tools, including ZIP code maps, congressional district maps, US
home sales by ZIP code and more. Below are some of the latest offerings:

+ ZIP Code Maps
“Displays a map with the boundary of a 5-digit ZIP Code”
Uses Google Maps

+ City Maps
“Displays a city or town boundary map and demographics.”
Uses Google Maps

+ Congress Maps
“Maps of a congressional districts and information about representative.”
Uses Google Maps

+ Home Sales
“Get the monthly home sales and selling price by ZIP Code.”
See Also:

+ County Maps
“Displays a county boundary map.”
Uses Google Maps

+ School District Maps
“Displays public school district boundary maps nationwide.”
Uses Google Maps

Melissa Data is a fantastic one-stop shop for this ready reference type of data. A user gets 500 lookups per day for free. It’s possible to get more by subscribing to one of two plans.

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