A New Online Poetry Archive and Database; Writing Online With Writely.com

About a week ago, the The Online Poetry Archive (OPA) debuted in the UK and is now accessible on the web.

The brainchild of Poet Laureate Andrew Motion and recording producer Richard Carrington, the Poetry Archive is recording significant poets reading their own works and preserving them for posterity on an online database freely available to everyone.

At this point, poetry can be browsed by poet, author, theme, or form. In fact, the list of poem themes looks like a tag cloud, as does the list of poems by form. Poems (full text) and poets can also be keyword searched and read online.

There is also a a poets section that lists poets by region and also highlights historic recordings. The audio player is included on each page. Bios and bibliographies are also available for all poets.

Sections for teachers, students and a children’s archive are also part of the OPA. A very impressive start for this project. Keep up the good work.

Btw, this post about the OPA came after I was planning to put together an overview post about the increasingly popular Writely.com (a web-based word processor a collaboration tool).

However, I remembered that we recently published an intro and overview on ResourceShelf that was written by our Deputy Editor, Shirl Kennedy. So, I’ll let Shirl’s post tell the whole story about Writely.com, a wonderful and constantly improving tool. If you’ve never checked out Writely (it’s free) you should. Sure, you can file it in your Web 2.0 folder if you like.

Postscript: Since Shirl’s article, Writely.com announced that they’re going to support for the OpenDocument Format.

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