Nokia’s Blog Strategy for the N90

Nokia has launched a “blogger relations” blog aimed at getting out info about its new N90 phone, which offers advanced photography options (including high-quality video).

From the site:

What’s Here
In the Press Room you will have access to the much of the same material, press releases, news accounts and photos that are also available about the Nokia Nseries N90 on the web site. But we;ve made it easier placing it here, all in one place just for you. You will also find the original media relations files in PDF format and Photo files on the N90 CD contained in your Blogger Relations package.

Talk With Nokia
Do you want to talk with a Nokia spokesperson for a story or blog post? If you do, your Nokia Blogger Relations Team is here to help. Just send us an email and we’ll get set up the interview.

If the experience of one Jonathan Greene is typical, the company appears to also be sending out the phones to bloggers to test, then using the official N90 blog to link to their entries about the device. Interesting approach.

[Via Micro Persuasion]

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