Google’s AdSense For RSS Released in Public Beta

Embedding contextually relevant ads into RSS (ATOM too!) feeds today took a big step forward today when Google announced that AdSense for Feeds (beta) is now publicly available. Google had been testing the program at a few sites. At the same time, Google released a list of best practices for publishers who want to use AdSense for feeds (beta).

These practice includes:
+ Syndicate the full text of your articles
+ Don?t include more than one ad unit per article
+ Place the ad unit at the end of articles.
It will be interesting to see if publishers decide to listen to Google’s suggestions on how to provides feeds.

Here’s the url to sign-up for the RSS for Feeds public beta.

It will also be worth noticing to see if the widespread introduction of advertising into RSS feeds causes a slowdown in the adoption of the technology by the masses. P.L. also touches on this point when he writes:

It?s interesting to note that many people I?ve heard talking about what they like best about RSS is that it contains no ads. If RSS advertisement would ever become popular, this bonus would of course diminish ? and possibly, attack the substance of RSS.

I’m also wondering how long (if it isn’t already available) for someone to develop a program to remove or hide ads from RSS feeds.

For more about AdSense for RSS, this Clickz article by Pamela Parker and Rebecca Lieb. Findory’s Greg Linden also shares a few comments.

Putting ads in RSS feeds is hardly a new idea. Companies including Kanoodle, AdBrite, RSSAds, and others have been offering these types of services for some time.

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