Yahoo 360 Community Site Opens, Sort Of

We’ve mentioned the Yahoo 360 social networking-blogging-photo sharing service before. Now the Yahoo
Search Blog is telling the world about it officially: Yahoo! 360° – A New Model for Online Sharing.

Want to try it? In annoyingly-Googleesque fashion, like Google’s Orkut social networking service or its Gmail email service, Yahoo 360 remains invitation-only right now. If
that’s Yahoo getting its mojo back, it was annoying to have Google play the “invite-only”
card for its services last year, and it’s no less so to have Yahoo doing the same this year. Note to all search engines: if you’re going to tell the public you have a new
service, then let the public in.

You can sign-up for the waiting list if you want to be part of the broader beta test that’s planned, though no ETA has been posted. Otherwise, if you don’t get an invite,
here are some preview options:

  • What Is Yahoo 360 is a nice rundown on the blogging features, text messaging, photo sharing and other options that will
    be offered.
  • Randy Farmer who is involved with the 360 project points to his own community page via the
    Yahoo Search Blog. It gives you an idea on how the service might be used by others.
  • Jeremy Zawodny, Yahoo’s blogvangelist, has pointed to his own page
    as another example of what you can do.
  • Charlene Li has posted a rundown on features from a briefing she received from Yahoo .

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