Feedster Improves Advanced Search Syntax

Those of you who used advanced search syntax to help create more precise queries (yes, I’m member of the group) might be interested to learn that Feedster has just made some of its already robust syntax easier to use. It’s all documented here. Impressive! I’m very happy to see that the proximity operator (near) remains available. You’re even able to specify how many words “term a” can be from “term b.” If you don’t specify a number, the default is ten words in either direction. Presently, the only large general web engine to offer a proximity operator is Exalead. Too bad. When available, proximity operators can help deliver more precise results. Kudos to Feedster on improving their already robust search syntax.

Michael Fagan (yes, THE Michael Fagan of FaganFinder fame) has more on the Feedster blog.

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