New SEMPO Board To Be Announced Soon

I’d mentioned earlier that SEMPO’s
for new board members had finished. So when will the winners be announced? SEMPO tells me the plan is to have a press release out to the general public on
Monday, Feb. 28, to coincide with the first day of Search Engine Strategies New York and the
open meeting SEMPO is having that same day.

That meeting will throw what are promised to be some tough industry questions to a panel of search experts. It’s also when the new board members will be personally
introduced to members in attendance.

You may hear about the winners before the formal press release comes out, however. That’s because SEMPO says it will be doing a special mailing to its own members before
the release, to ensure they know about it directly. When that happens, I’d expect the news to quickly leak out.

In all, there are 13 seats to be filled. SEMPO sent me this list of 29 initial board nominees. I’ve highlighted existing board members who stood again in bold:


Ron Belanger 

Carat Interactive 

Chris Churchill

Fathom Online

Barbara Coll

Chris Copeland


Scott Delea

Digital Grit

David Douglass


Fionn Downhill

Elixir Systems

Debbie Everson


Robert Gaudio

MEA Digital

Koichiro Fukasawa

Wasabi Communications

Gordon Hotchkiss


Darren Kuhn

Resolution Media

Kevin Lee

Vinny Lingham

Clicks2Customers & Incubeta

Misty Locke

Range Online Media

Mauro Lupi

Ad Maiora SpA

Michael Marchese

LeapFrog Online

Gregory Markel

Infuse Creative

Winthrop Morgan

American Institute for Research

Jeffrey Pruitt


Manish Puri

Innovative Solutions

Thomas Reilly

Acronym Media

John Sanchez

Zunch Communications

Dan Shapero


Jessie Stricchiola

Alchemist Media

Julienne Thompson

Dana Todd


Ada Vassilovski

Commission Junction

David Williams


Who will be president or fill other officer roles? The board itself will elect these, as in accordance with SEMPO’s by-laws. This should happen in mid-to-late March, SEMPO

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