Video Search: Say Hello to Annodex

ZDNet is running a story about open source video search technology (available via a plugin for Firefox) developed by researches in Australia, called Annodex. According to the news release:

…[Annodex] gives users the ability to use text queries to search for video clips, watch a selection, then seamlessly hyperlink to further video, audio or web content. When used with a Web search engine, video search now works just like users expect…The groundbreaking technology behind Annodex is known as Continuous Media Markup Language (CMML). CMML does for time-continuous media what HTML does for text. It allows the user to search, access, navigate and query.

Annodex has been in development for about 4.5 years at CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) in Australia. CSIRO is also where the Panoptic (enterprise search technology) was developed.

What do I think of Annodex? It sure sounds cool but due to the press coverage today the Annodex web site is not responding. In other words, I haven’t been able to download and check the software out. As soon as I can, I’ll give it a go and report back either on the blog or in SearchDay. I’ve also posted about a variety of video search tools (some free, some fee-based) in this SEW Blog post.

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