Visualize A Weblogs “Neighborhood”

Findory, the “personalized” news and weblog tool (yes, you can also search the database) has introduced a new service today.

It’s now possible to “visualize” a blogs “neighborhood.” In other words, you can see how “connected” or “related” a specific blog is to others. The more connected, the bigger the point size. The smaller the point size the less connected. You can click here to see the Search Engine Watch Blog neighborhood or here to see Boing Boing’s neighborhood.

To find “neighborhoods” for other blogs:
1) Search Findory for the blogs title
2) Find an article from the blog and click on the “title” link
3) Look for the “neighborhoods” link on the right side of the page

How does Findory determine what makes up a neighborhood? Greg Linden tells us,

Findory’s weblog neighborhoods are determined by a combination of overlap in what the blogs are writing about and overlap between readers of the blogs. It is based on content and aggregate reader behavior.

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