Google, Yahoo Post 2004 Most Popular Search Terms

The list of most popular search terms from 2004 continues, with Google weighing in today. The 2004 Year-End
Google Zeitgeist
gives you:

  • Top 10 most popular queries in 2004. Britney Spears tops the list, and chat is the first non-person item on the list in at fifth place
  • Top 10 most popular men, with Orlando Bloom ranked first
  • Top 10 most popular women — yes, it’s Britney again
  • Top 5 TV shows, with The Simpsons in top spot
  • Top 5 popular tech items, with wallpaper listed first
  • Top 5 most popular consumer brands, with ebay listed first (but want to bet Google itself made the list but was editorially dropped off?)

Top queries for news, image, shopping and local are also shown in various categories. Also offered are
year-end wrap-ups, and a Flash-based interactive edition of the wrap-up, giving you a
month-by-month look at some top queries, special Google logos and a major news events recap.

For those keeping score, other major search sites that have already provided end-year wrap-ups that we’ve blogged are:

I haven’t seen a formal announcement from Yahoo, but it may have slipped by me. I do see over on the Yahoo site that a wrap-up is available, however:
Top Yahoo Searches 2004. It shows:

  • Top 10 search terms, leading with American Idol
  • Top 10 movie searches, with that boy Harry Potter on top
  • Top 10 news searches, leading with Iraq
  • Top 10 reality show searches, with American Idol tops again

And there’s more, including some cool line charts pitting Lindsay Lohan against Hillary Duff (go Lindsay!), and Star Wars v. Lord Of The Rings v. Harry Potter and
Howard Stern versus Oprah.

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