New Google Groups Opens To Public

The new Google Groups service unveiled in beta form last May has now officially replaced the old Google Groups, exposing
more Google users to new features such as mailing list creation. Google says Groups is its third most popular feature, after web and image searching.

My past article, Google Groups Adds Mailing Lists & Other Features, Competes With Yahoo Groups,
explains all the features of the new service. As mentioned, it’s been open to the public since May as a beta test. However, anyone clicking on the "Groups" tab on the
Google home page would have reached the old service. That changed today. Now that link leads to the new service.

Be aware that the "old" Google Groups is still reachable via its original domain. In other words:

So, if you prefer the old version, you can still reach it for the moment. And if you’ve bookmarked the old service but want the new service, you’ll need to update to
the new address.

Interestingly, while the new groups service is being fully unleashed on the public, it’s still not considered complete enough for the beta tag to be removed. That
means that Google Groups, previously a non-beta service, now goes back to beta status.

The move also means that the majority of services that Google offers via its home page are oddly in beta status. For more about that, see my
Most Of Google Remains In Beta post.

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