Happy Graduation to the Google Deskbar, Googleviewer.com

Google has just posted an update to the Google Labs page to let us know that the Google Deskbar has graduated from the lab. This tool became available almost one year ago (November 7, 2003) and remains a Windows ONLY product.

The Google Deskbar allows the searcher to search Google and visit a web page without having to use or open a traditional web browser.

So, it’s really a customizable search tool and a browser (of sorts). Google calls it a “mini-viewer.”

I’ve been somewhat surprised that during the recent flurry of Google Browser speculation that more attention hasn’t been given to the Deskbar since it already offers a tool to view web content. Perhaps it offers a clue or two as to what Google is working on?

I mentioned in a post last week, after Eric Schmidt said they weren’t working on a browser, that Google might be developing something that WE would call a browser but they will call by another name.

So, how does GoogleViewer sound?

I ran a WHOIS search and learned hat GoogleViewer.com is a registered domain name. It’s owned by Google!

Stay tuned!

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