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The Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization’s web site offers a wealth of resources for both search marketers and information professionals alike.

SEMPO, the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization, began life last year, and has been picking up momentum, with well attended meetings at the Search Engine Strategies conferences. The organization’s web site is more than just a marketing vehicle — it’s a rich source of valuable information and links.

If you’re unfamiliar with search engine marketing, Kevin Lee’s Introduction to Search Engine Marketing provides an excellent, easy to understand overview of the subject.

I especially recommend this article to information professionals who search the web but do not have websites. Search engine marketing efforts directly affect search results, in numerous ways. If you’re not aware of the reasons why, your searching isn’t going to be as effective as it might be.

Next, spend some time with the Articles and Editorials sections. Here you’ll find well-written articles covering a variety of topics, all focused on ethical search marketing techniques that are condoned and supported by the major search engines.

To get a sense of how search marketing works in the real world, check out the Case Studies section. Here you’ll find accounts written by professionals who have had measurable success with search marketing techniques.

The Search Engine Optimization & Marketing Glossary is one of the most authoritative sources for definitions of search-related terms on the web. Edited by editor Danny Sullivan, this glossary was compiled by a corp of volunteers who recognized that there’s not always universal agreement regarding certain terms and techniques.

The goal with the glossary was to objectively define terms for the lay public, and it does an excellent job of demystifying the often cryptic language of search marketing (e.g.: backlinks, cloaking, SERPS).

Want more? The Search Engine Marketing Links section is an excellent quick guide to some of the best discussion groups, tutorials, tools and other useful search marketing resources available on the web.

If you’re a search marketing professional, consider showing your support for SEMPO by joining the organization. Even if your interests lie strictly in searching the web rather than optimizing or promoting web sites, you’ll gain a lot from a visit to SEMPO’s web site.

Search Headlines

NOTE: Article links often change. In case of a bad link, use the publication’s search facility, which most have, and search for the headline.

Flash comes out of the shadows…
ZDNet Jan 12 2004 1:48PM GMT
Web searches without a browser…
ZDNet Jan 12 2004 1:08PM GMT
Techies see spam surge in junk email law…
Chicago Sun-Times Jan 12 2004 11:31AM GMT
New anti-spam tools falter as senders quickly adjust…
Seattle Times Jan 12 2004 10:14AM GMT
Search sites sport shortcut to flight status…
ZDNet UK Jan 12 2004 9:42AM GMT
Net growing as source of campaign news…
CNET Jan 12 2004 3:00AM GMT
Why MSN is smarter than AOL…
ZDNet Jan 12 2004 2:16AM GMT
Google Woos Domain Registrars…
High Search Engine Ranking Jan 11 2004 10:16PM GMT
Watching Google Like a Hawk…
Research Buzz Jan 10 2004 3:55AM GMT
Search sites itch for a niche…
CNET Jan 10 2004 1:26AM GMT
MS (nearly) ditches the PC religion with home net plans… Jan 9 2004 2:26PM GMT
Spam and virus techniques overlap…
Personal Computer World Jan 9 2004 12:40PM GMT
Verizon Plans Fast Internet for Cellphones…
New York Times Jan 9 2004 5:52AM GMT
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