Select Site Pickup Page

Select Site Pickup Page

Congratulations! I’m relatively selective about what gets added into Search Links, and your site made the cut. You either fill a gap, provide an unusual or unique service, or you just run a really good search site.

Being listed means that you can display the Search Engine Watch Select Site logo. Here are rules for doing so, then the actual instructions:


You must either link the logo to the About Select Sites page, or your actual listing within Search Links, or to the Search Engine Watch home page.

You cannot display the logo if you are no longer listed within Search Links.

Search Engine Watch reserves the right to change the logo rules at any time (I doubt we will, but you’ve got to please the lawyers).

Instructions: Easy

Just insert this code anywhere on your page. It will call the logo off of our server, and it links back to the Search Engine Watch home page:

Search Engine Watch Select Site

Instructions: I’ll Do It Myself

To download the logo and install it on your server, just right-click on the image and choose Save Picture As or Save Image As, depending on your browser. Or, just click on the image, then choose File | Save As when it loads into its own window


After you put the logo on your page, you need to link directly to your listing in Search Links or to one of the addresses below:

Search Engine Watch home page

About Select Sites page

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