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SEW Expert - Gregg Stewart Gregg

Bing — Early Estimations in Local Search
It’s way too early to say Bing is a success, but initial trials are favorable. Where Bing could shine is in local search, a relatively untapped revenue source and a fragmented marketplace.
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SEW Expert - Justilien Gaspard Justilien

Link Marketing Challenges & Solutions
Two of the biggest obstacles companies face in link marketing are developing linkable content and making people aware of it. The key to success in these areas is to widen the scope of places where you get ideas.
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SEW Expert - Tim Ash Tim

Applying Probability to Landing Page Optimization
In the context of LPO, probability can be viewed as simply taking the best guess given the available information. The more information you have, the more accurate your guess will become.
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News from the Search Engine Watch Blog

Ballmer Sees Traditional Media As Dead Men Walking
Posted by Frank WatsonJun 29, 2009

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer sees traditional media as a dying advertising medium and that digital content will be the cause of their demise within 10 years. Speaking at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, Ballmer said the global advertising economy is moving to the digital space and that traditional media that …
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YouTube Gives New Look to Channels, Launches Trailers Page, and Sees Mobile Upload Increases
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 29, 2009

There’s a bunch of news coming from YouTube in the past couple of days. First up, they’re giving channels a makeover. Users can switch their channels over on their own now, but by July 15th all channels will be switched to the new look. The University of Phoenix has already …
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7 Google Updates for the Week Ending June 26, 2009
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 29, 2009

It’s been another week of mega Google updates. Several have been noteworthy-enough to get their own post. The leftovers are included below: Google Android has launched 1.5 NDK, Release 1. Meanwhile, Google Android phones are being announced and rumored for multiple carriers. Google Maps now offers a “What’s Here?” feature if you right-click …
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Amazon Pulls the Plug on NC Associates while Google and Apple Enjoy Sweet State Tax Deals
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 29, 2009

This morning, Amazon Associates in North Carolina are awakening to some bitter news. As of today, their accounts are officially closed. This is anticipation – yes, anticipation, not the actual passage – of a state budget that includes a provision requiring companies with affiliate programs to pay an internet sales …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Page Rank Sculpting? Jun 25, 2009
Hey guys Google has recently made changes in its algorithm which is ‘No More Page Rank Sculpting’. Means balancing the page rank of your internal site links using Nofollow is the bad practice Now but I am still not clear with this change in algorithm. Can anyone explain it widely to understand …
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Free Webinar on new AdWords user interface – this Friday, June 26th Jun 25, 2009
Here it is folks – perhaps the third or forth thread I have ever started here on SEW. 😉 As has been mentioned on the Inside AdWords blogs a couple of times recently, the folks behind the new AdWords user interface are holding a series of free Online webinars as a …
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Cannibalization – ePiracy? Jun 24, 2009
I wanted to know if anyone would like to discuss cannibalization. I am seeing a very large increase in the number of propositions we are receiving to “Increase XXXX”. Most of the companies proposing this have the same modus operandi, in that they take existing customers and do something with them. Usually …
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Geo-Targetting in Yahoo Jun 23, 2009
I have been running the two campaigns, once targetted to california and another to florida. The problem i am facing is, if i get the good conversioins from california, then i get very less conversions come from Florida and VIce Versa. why so? Can anybody answer me
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