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iPhrase Technologies has been chosen to power the search functions for the Accessible Technology Knowledgebase, a web resource featuring information about assistive technology and other disability related subjects. The Knowledgebase is part of the Information Technology Technical Assistance and Training Center (ITTATC), located at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

The search portal provides seamless access to information from the following five federal sites:


“Prior to the inception of the Accessible Technology Knowledgebase, information seekers were dependant on their individual knowledge of these sites as well as their ability to effectively utilize Boolean keyword search, which returns only lists of links and possible answers that users must then sift through,” said Mimi Kessler, Project Director at ITTATC, located at the Georgia Institute of Technology. “iPhrase’s One Step effectively connects these resources and allows users to search all five federal sites simultaneously and get the specific information they need quickly.”

In addition to providing an excellent front-end for accessing disability related subjects, this project is also notable in that it goes beyond traditional meta search. The solution implemented by iPhrase merges traditional web search with queries to searchable databases.

iPhrase specializes in integrating search results from so-called structured (database) and unstructured (web) sources of information. iPhrase’s One Step technology is what powers the finance search tools for both Yahoo and Lycos.

If you haven’t tried these search tools, you’ll likely be pleasantly surprised, because they allow you to pose natural language queries like “Compare the profit margin and EBIDTA of Wal-Mart and TGT.” The search tool “understands” the acronym “EBIDTA,” knows that “TGT” is Target Corporation’s stock symbol, and even the concepts “compare” and “profit margin.”

Your results are a simple table with the information you requested — not a list of thousands of possible web pages that might match your query, as you get with most other search engines.

Though it’s still a small company, iPhrase’s involvement with the Accessible Technology Knowledgebase and two major finance portals make it a company to keep an eye on for further useful new search tools.

Accessible Technology Knowledgebase

Lycos Finance Search

Yahoo Finance Search

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