Search Engine Forums Spotlight – May 27, 2004

India’s Secret Army of Ad Clickers – Rupees for Clicks

“I hate to say ‘I told you so’… … but… well… ‘I told you so’… Since the introduction of Google Ads and various other ‘pay for click’ advertising schemes, I have been saying that it was open to abuse and that advertisers that ‘pay for clicks’ are probably ‘paying to support some family in India and not attracting real clients or potential customers…’.”

Making a Directory and Requiring a Link
High Rankings Forum

“I have created a directory on one of my sites, and I am thinking of requiring reciprocal links to be listed. Do you think this is a bad idea?”

Scam Ranking Booster
SEO Chat Forums

“It sends fake hits to your site to increase your ranking! …I am not interested in scamming anyone. I want my site to be legit and when it gets to the top I want it to be because of my hard work and because it’s an awesome site. Have you heard of this? Would you use it?”

Outgoing Links Now Very Important?
High Rankings Forum

“The bottom line is that you should do what makes the most sense for your site and its own situation. If you want to link out to other sites because it’s helpful to your visitors, then you should do it! If you don’t think there will be any benefit to your visitors to link to other sites, then don’t. … Who cares what Google might like? Does Google buy your products or services?”

Corporate SEO Salaries?
Webmaster World

“Anyone care to give income ranges that work for corporations? It’s hard to establish an industry standard salary (like the designers and programmers here do for their pay) when you are in such a specialized niche.”

Title Question – Plurals & Synonyms
High Rankings Forum

“Stemming is all fine and dandy but if you are competing against others for ‘exact phrases’ then better list them as such in the title tags and in the copy…”

Minimum Site Size to get Indexed?
High Rankings Forum

“Someone told me that a site really had to have a minimum of three pages in order to be ranked well with the [search engines”. Never heard that before. Do you think this is true?”

Search Engine Forums Spotlight courtesy Search Engine Guide.

SearchDay Week in Review

Managing a Search Advertising Budget
SearchDay, May 27, 2004

You want top search result positions now, and you’re willing to pay for them. But is your paid listing launch on hold until you can justify a budget and demonstrate ROI goals?

Inside the Searcher’s Mind: It’s a Jungle in Here!
SearchDay, May 26, 2004

What goes on in the mind of searchers? A research group set out to find the answers — and came up with some interesting and surprising answers.

Search Engine User Attitudes
SearchDay, May 25, 2004

With so much interest in search, it’s amazing how relatively little research has been done into how people interact with search engines, especially from a search marketing perspective. That’s finally changing.

An Insider’s View of Microsoft’s Longhorn Search
SearchDay, May 24, 2004

Longhorn, the long-anticipated upgrade to Windows, will have a completely new, search-centric file system. One of Microsoft’s lead developers last week offered a tantalizingly brief preview of search on this upcoming system.

Search Headlines

Yahoo Moves Against Spyware… May 28 2004 11:38AM GMT
Google faces Gmail advert limits…
BBC May 28 2004 11:22AM GMT
Businesses sue Google for linking to rivals’ ads…
Seattle Times May 28 2004 9:48AM GMT
Google Gmail hit by US Senate interference… May 28 2004 8:37AM GMT
Microsoft Battles Google Searches…
CBS News May 28 2004 5:16AM GMT
Search-Engine Wars Flare Online…
Insight Magazine May 28 2004 4:36AM GMT
70% of emails now spam…
Web-User May 27 2004 11:56PM GMT
AOL to release new version of Netscape…
CNET May 27 2004 8:13PM GMT
Search business turns serious…
BBC May 27 2004 12:18PM GMT
Search engines try to find their sound…
CNET May 27 2004 11:11AM GMT
Journalists denounce Google news… May 27 2004 10:13AM GMT
Mutual fund guru eyes Google…
Cyber India Online May 27 2004 9:58AM GMT
Yahoo Adds Anti-Spyware Feature to Browser Toolbar…
Boston Globe May 27 2004 8:01AM GMT
MS ups search ante…
USA Today May 27 2004 6:42AM GMT
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